Our Intrgration Systems

Too many women are experiencing hair loss every year. We all know a well-tamed mane can make us feel like a princess. While a bad hair day can quickly dampen our confidence. Some causes are medical, medication,  hormonal changes , inherited pattern baldness, alopecia and thinning.

Now Confident Hair has a solution that is perfect for you.

Individuals with diffused or thinning hair, can benefit from a Confident Hair Integration System.

An Integration system is a web-like based postiche/hair piece. By using a tail-comb, you can pull your own hair through the finely crafted web base to blend in with the added hair for an even fuller hairstyle.

A Confident Hair Integration System is a hair enhancement system that adds any amount of fullness, length and body to your existing hair.

At Confident Hair we design an Integration System that is comfortable to wear and easy to take care of, while providing 10 to 30% more hair density, thus fitting into your lifestyle.

Each Confident Hair Integration System is hand-made by our experienced artisans using the highest quality of human hair and materials. Before a Confident Hair Integration System can be made, it must be custom fit to the individual’s head size and include their design specifications. The hair colour is carefully selected and matched. Also, highlights may be added.

The Confident Hair Integration system can be blended into the individual’s own hair, so their styling methods may be enhanced and products remain the same.

A Confident Hair Integration system is easy to put on, secure and versatile, with clips. Also, it stands-up to your lifestyle.